Acque turbolente


Acque turbolente

One of Piantadosi’s most individual and attractive series. It allows him to do what he does best, i.e. to “reveal” and make visible what, in this case, the human eye is unable to grasp.

In this series Piantadosi focuses on a subject that is almost completely unexplored by abstract photography. In the turbulent waters he depicts, chaotic shapes are generated by swirls, plunges, hurdles, changes in gradient and narrows that engender waterfalls, whirlpools, eddies, splashes and ripples. Mountain streams are the perfect embodiment of turbulence, in its strict etymological sense, from the Latin Tùrba – disorder, confusion – and the ending ulèntus, in abundance.

Piantadosi’s Turbulent Waters series graphically encapsulates the power, energy and purity of the shapes assumed by turbulent water as a plastic manifestation of the chaotic and complex forces and movements that interact to shape them, freezing them with one click of the shutter.

Piantadosi is able to capture enthralling effects of light and shadow that enhance every slightest shift in current, extrapolating the reflections into infinite subtle shades through the sophisticated, powerful effect of changing colour and viewpoint. These unique images capture myriad astonishing shapes, textures and nuances of hypnotic intensity and emotional empathy.