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Edo Piantadosi was born in Tarvisio, a small town on the Italian side of the Alps, on the border with Austria and Slovenia. He graduated in architecture in Venice and during his studies attended the photography course of Italo Zannier, one of the most famous Italian photographers and historians of photography, developing an interest in abstract nature photography.

He continued to cultivate his passion for photography while working as an architect. He manages to combine his two interests by publishing several illustrated books on rural and landscape architecture and collaborating with important magazines. He exhibits at the Artemisia Gallery in Udine, illustrates books and prepares photographic material for exhibitions and thematic itineraries.

For many years, he has been exploring the natural environment of the area where he lives in search of the beauty of natural forms, their aesthetic and artistic qualities. In recent years, this work on the forms of natural elements has resulted in a series of abstract nature photographs, which he has only recently decided to exhibit.

Solo exhibitions

2017 – Forme Fragili
La Fortezza Art Gallery
Gradisca di Isonzo (Italy)

2019 – Forme Fragili
Piccola Fenice Exhibition Centre
Trieste (Italy)

2022 – Intimate Metaphysics
NooN Consulting Art Gallery
Bruxelles (Belgium)

2023 – Forme Effimere
Museum Palazzo Veneziano
Malborghetto-Valbruna (Italy) 

Collective / Virtual Exhibitions

2023 – Exploring the Unknown: Beyond Earth Art Competition
Ten Moir Gallery – Winners Exhibition


2023 – Monovision (Black and White Photography Awards) Honorable Mention in Abstract Category
Fragile Forms Series

2023 – Monovision (Black and White Photography Awards) Honorable Mention in Abstract Category
Reflections Series

2023 – International Photo Awards
Honorable Mention in Abstract Category
Cosmos Series

2023 – International Photo Awards
Official Selection in Abstract Category
Reflections Series

2023 – ND Awards
Honorable Mention in Abstract Category
Fragile Forms Series

2023 – Ten Moir Gallery – Beyond Earth
2nd Place – Beyond Earth Competition
Photo: Galaxy Cluster